How to grow your business:
Local solution
to custom-made marketing

Australians, more than most citizens around the world, love technology and are early adopters of new gadgets and software. Today there are an estimated 15 million smartphones in use in Australia. 80 percent of the population has one, turning to them 150 times a day to stay in touch with friends, collaborate with work colleagues, know what’s happening in the news, and make decisions about what to buy.

Australians continue to love reading, connecting and shopping in more traditional ways. Regional media outlets reach 3.9 million residents and regional newspapers are ranked as the most trusted source of news. An industry survey also found that regional newspapers were readers’ first choice for information on local businesses and the most influential media when it came to shopping and buying decisions.

For most of us there’s a screen within thumb-reach most of our waking hours. Who would have thought when the first newspaper was printed back around 1605 that one day readers would see events unfold - as they happen - on a wristwatch. Or that townsfolk would notify each other of market days using a handheld device called a smartphone.

So many ways to contact people …
so many voices shouting to be heard

The growth of mobile media has changed sales and marketing forever. It has changed the nature of how we act and react. Internet king Google says that for businesses it is a battleground of “micro-moments”. These are those critical times in every day when decisions are made - when someone reaches for their phone to Google the best place to eat or the best washing machine to buy.

They are the moments for which a business must be ready, with a reputation that’s trustworthy and fresh information the customer will find valuable - useful, relevant, honest. If it can provide some entertainment as well, that’s a bonus.

Imagine if you could easily harness the power of smartphones and the internet to reach customers, and combine that with the reliability of a local newspaper.

Through a suite of new and traditional advertising options - available right in your town or suburb - a Fairfax Media sales specialist can help build awareness of your brand and prepare the information a customer is likely to need in their “micro-moment” of decision-making. Contact your local Fairfax Media newspaper to discover how these global options, delivered locally, can help you achieve your business goals.

Reach your audience wherever they are

Fairfax Media is not only Australia’s leading media organisation in metropolitan areas. We have a network of more than 160 newspapers and 140 websites across every state and territory, employing local sales experts with the knowledge and the skills to deliver a marketing solution custom-made for you and your business.

Working alongside journalists, these local sales specialists understand your community and your market. They live there, raise their families alongside you. They can help you tell your story your way, bringing world’s best practice to your community to promote and help grow your business - and saving you time, energy and money along the way.

The Content Studio

The team of writers in our new Content Studio will work with your business to develop content that will connect in a meaningful way with readers. Through a variety of storytelling devices - including interactive graphics, photo galleries, listicles, maps, quizzes, social media posts and traditional reads - we can align your brand with content that is both informative and entertaining.

Overseas research shows this is one of the best ways to build a positive and “likeable” brand image, raise awareness of the products and services you offer and influence a customer’s buying decisions. The Content Studio can help you reach your target audience by publishing content across our websites or in our newspapers - and can even help you with writing projects for your own company newsletters, press releases and reports.

Need help designing and producing that newsletter, press kit or report? We can help with that too - through our Designlink business, where creative concepts meet practical graphic design and print services. From a single logo to point-of-sale material, from a brochure to an annual report, you can talk directly to the designers and know their work is backed by a national network of 14 Fairfax print sites.

Fairfax Marketing Services

Don’t know your Google AdWords from your Analytics? Feeling a bit clueless when it comes to search engine optimisation? Our team can offer a complete digital package for your business, from building and maintaining a website to managing your social media accounts. And they’ll explain it all in language you can understand. Through our close working relationships with Google, Facebook and other international media companies even businesses in remote country towns can now have access to the very latest in digital media expertise, just by contacting the sales team at their local Fairfax Media newspaper.

Our 140 websites cover regional, rural and suburban communities across every state and territory of Australia and attract 9 million unique visitors every month. There are any manner of ways you can put your business in front of them. A digital advertisement can either promote your brand to build recognition or prompt a call to action by offering a link to more information or your own website. Leaderboards, MRECs, buyouts; casting a wide net across a region or targeting a particular section of a specific masthead. Whatever your intention or budget, you can be sure there’s a digital advertising solution to suit and your local sales contact can organise it for you.

Creative Print Executions

Even with the growth of online readership we know that millions of Australians still turn to our printed newspapers to discover what’s happening in their towns and suburbs and to gather information on local businesses, products and services. Fairfax Media has developed its own publishing system (called NewsNow) to help deliver clean, easy-to-read newspapers to communities across the country. Standardised systems and efficiencies have come with the change - but it hasn’t been at the expense of creativity. A range of new and exciting advertising shapes are now available for your business: choose a pyramid, a tower, an H-shape, steps, a sandwich, or a picture frame. Your advertisement, your newspaper, your way to make an impact.

Global options and local know-how will save you time, energy and money

The best bit about these new ways of connecting with your customers? They can be achieved by talking to one person: your sales contact at your local Fairfax Media newspaper. Our sales teams have the local know-how and the global network to custom-build a marketing campaign just for you, pulling together the many and varied experts at their disposal to help you achieve your business goals. And that way, we all win. You save time, energy and money while together we build your business, a stronger local economy and future for our community.